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Wrist-Worn Pulse Oximeter (Finger-free)

  • Wrist-worn pulse oximeter, the oCare™ Pro 100, measures pulse rate & blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) directly at the wrist.
  • Finger-free, wireless, smart pulse oximeter is a registered medical device & TGA approved.
  • Bluetooth, OLED graphic display, 72 hours of data storage, built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Warning alarms with lighting indicator and/or wrist vibration.
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Central Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Uscom BP+ is a supra-systolic oscillometric central blood pressure monitoring device.
  • BP+ also measures peripheral BP, Mean Arterial Pressure , arterial stiffness, augmentation index (AI), pulse rate variability & performs Pulse Pressure Waveform Analysis.
  • An advanced tool to better understand cardiovascular risk, track results of lifestyle modifications and other interventions.
  • Made in Australia.
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