BP+ ( Brachial & Central Blood Pressure Monitor)

  • Uscom BP+ is a supra-systolic oscillometric central blood pressure (BP) monitoring device.
  • Measures BP waveforms at the heart, as well as in the arm; information only previously available using invasive cardiac catheterization.
  • BP+ also measures peripheral BP, Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP), arterial stiffness, augmentation index (AI), pulse rate variability and performs central and peripheral Pulse Pressure Waveform Analysis.
  • Compared to peripheral BP, central BP more accurately represents the BP that affects the internal organs. Central BP also responds differently to treatment than conventional brachial BP.
  • BP+ has major applications in hypertension research and management.
  • BP+ is an advanced tool to better understand cardiovascular risk, track results of lifestyle modifications and other interventions.
  • BP+ is Made in Australia.


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